VAT refund

If you live abroad you can get a VAT (Moms) refund when buying goods in Norway and taking them out of Norway. We refer to the Customs website for further information.

"VAT under meq. 16 no.1, VAT (Moms) shall not be applied on the sale of goods to be taken abroad. The conditions laid down in regulations issued by the Ministry of Finance, cf. Regulation nr.24 of 23 February 1970 concerning the sale of goods and services for use abroad, etc., and regulations # 35 of 31 July 1970 on rules for authenticating the supply of goods and services for use abroad etc. "

VIVAT International can assist you in purchases, customs declarations and VAT (Moms) refund providing the purchase is made in the name of VIVAT. This may be done two ways; by VIVAT making the purchases on behalf of the customer, or the customer may shop on a requisition through VIVAT with a commission charged of 10%. Private procurement not carried out based upon the above mentioned requirements, results in customer having to arrange for his own VAT (Moms) refund and customs declaration.

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Private export:
For more information on export of goods we refer to the Customs website.
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